Learn qigong

Qigong massage is a combination of directed energy techniques carried out within the framework of a Swedish massage and acupressure.  Qigong is an extension of Tai Qi (tai chi) incorporating meditation and visualisation in its practice.  Take home some of these basic practical skills to help you, your family and friends.  Learn to apply Qigong with acupressure and Swedish massage to relax and energise.  Be able to help with some minor health conditions such as muscle spasms, headaches, joint pain and stiffness. 

Michelle and some newly graduated students

Michelle holds courses regularly either at the Springwood Neighbourhood Centre or at her private practice in Faulconbridge.  *SPECIAL – 20% discount off fees for you both should you do the course with a friend.

This course suits both beginners and practitioners.  If you are already in practice you can add these skills to your skills base.  If you are just starting out it may be a great introduction to further study in health and healing.  Michelle offers traineeships and mentoring programs from her clinic to facilitate you in your own professional direction in health.

Some of the topics covered are an introduction to classical Chinese philosophy and medical theory such as Daoism, types of qi, the five elements and the meridian system, traditional Chinese diagnosis: face, tongue and pulse, and basic practical skills in Swedish massage and acupressure techniques.  A teaching manual and instructional DVD are also included.

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